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I’m happy to share that CRYPTOLIA has just crossed the $150k mark in total investments after only three months of being online. For those who are not aware, our progress page gives you great information about the development of our program; don't forget to visit it every now and then to know how CRYPTOLIA Limited is growing.

A decent number of investors are now in profit and the reinvestment ratio is simply outstanding, showing trust and confidence from you, our partners. The industry has a very positive image of CRYPTOLIA and I’m happy to say they are very much right about it, our program is doing better than what we predicted, this is what I call a win-win situation, you win, we win.

We hope you are as happy about CRYPTOLIA Limited as we are very glad with your participation in our program, as well as with your impressive feedback in discussion boards, blogs and direct messages to us. Keep the reviews and messages coming, they give us more power to work and create the best online investment program this industry has seen so far. we are studying which ones would be more suitable for our investors and, at the same time, for our banking transactions.

We studied a bit our competitors and realized that CRYPTOLIA is currently at the top 3 programs of the industry. In my opinion that is an magnificent mark for only two months online and we are very excited to see what comes next in the future of CRYPTOLIA Limited. We would never have reached this position without your positive attitude and thoughts, it feels great to know we are working with such a positive minded group that I know I can truly count on, you are the ones responsible for our success, you are CRYPTOLIA!

As usual, I would like to thank you for your continued support. It makes us happy to know that CRYPTOLIA Limited will soon be changing your lives into a new reality! This is just the beginning, CRYPTOLIA Limited will be here for years to come; we will soon make it to the top of the industry and stay there to become a legendary happening in the industry. You’ll remember being a part of it.

Derek Smith (CEO)
Cryptolia Limited just published an update indicating that they have been online for 200 days. That’s over half a year and this is a remarkable achievement in the HYIP business where very few programs survive even half this long. since it began its online operations and we have watched this program with a great deal of interest.It`s been always online since the start of the program. During this time we have got a good experience, and our investors were able to earn good money. We are pleased that we have the trust of so many people, and will try to do everything to justify the confidence of our investors in the future.Cryptolia Limited has exceeded $700,000. Thank you for choosing Cryptolia Limited as your reliable investment partner, we will do everything possible to meet your expectation and deliver desirable results! Our customers' satisfaction is the primary goal of Cryptolia Limited.

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Cryptolia Limited: #11570008

Address: 22 Kensington High Street, Kensington, England, W8 4PT

Phone: +44 117 230 7273


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